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Referee Opportunities

Please email the BSC if you have any questions about becoming a referee.  The Club will do basic training sessions if needed.

Referee Assignments

The referee is responsible for managing the game in a safe and efficient manner while enforcing the Laws of the Game. 

BSC will do its best to have a referee at every game.  Referees will come to the game prepared and conduct themselves in a respectful manner, while expecting the same in return.  The club has a “zero tolerance“ policy against abuse of any kind against a referee or player.

Non-Player Management (The Referee's Perspective)

The differences between players, coaches and spectators must be maintained.

  • Players are subject to immediate and predictable discipline.  This is done via the use of the cards and the 7 Cautionable and 7 Send-Off Offenses.
  • Coaches – Not similarly accountable
  • Spectators – Rarely accountable
  • Players – Be Fair, Firm and Approachable


  • Don't be disrespectful
  • Don't yell across the field
  • Don't make it personal
  • Don't use inappropriate language
  • Be Fair, Firm and Approachable
  • Be honest and completely clear
  • Coaches are the only ones with a limited technical area
  • Be ready to remove coach or abandon the game.


When do you deal with the spectators?

  • When they use obscene language
  • When they are threatening (towards referees, players or others involved)
  • When they are abusive
  • If in the referee's opinion, the game cannot continue

How to deal with the spectators:

  • Indirectly (use the coach).
  • Explain the problem.
  • Identify the person or people.
  • Ask him / her to silence or remove the problem.
  • Be clear-The game will not continue if the situation is not resolved.
  • Be ready to abandon.
  • Referees DO NOT do the league's administrative work. Document the issues and play the game (or abandon if the situation warrants it).
  • Per USSF / FIFA, Cards are never issued to non-players.

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