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(April 2018)

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be Barrens Soccer Club (BSC), and incorporated as Barrens Soccer Club, Inc.

Article II – Purpose

To promote the game of soccer at a recreational youth level, in an organized, safe and competitive manner, while having fun and furthering the concepts of hard work, fair play and good sportsmanship.

Article III – Territory

The territory will cover South Eastern York County, Pennsylvania.  Teams will be based in three areas: Delta, Fawn Grove, and Stewartstown. Players will be assigned to teams in one of the three areas according to registration needs or special requests.

Article IV – Affiliation

The BSC does not have any affiliation.  Any occurrence, which is not specifically covered by the constitution, by-laws or rules of the BSC shall be covered by the rules and regulations of USSF/FIFA or addressed by the Board of Directors.

Any vote to merge with another soccer club, sports league, community group, etc. must have 3/4 board member approval.

Article V – Participation

This BSC embraces diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or national origin.  A player with a disability or special needs can be considered for play when approved by his or her parents and personal physician.  A vote by the Board of Directors will be the final decision regarding special needs or requests, including "play up" or "play down."  Reasonable accommodations will be made for special requests, with the safety of players and liability to the league as the primary considerations.

Article VI – Headquarters

The headquarters of the BSC shall be located within its territorial boundaries as defined in Article III above, where all general meetings are held.

Article VII – Board of Directors

Section 1 – Composition

The Board of Directors shall be composed of the League Officers and appointed members.  The minimum number of members shall be at least 4 (the officers) but not to exceed 20.  Twenty five percent of the current Board members shall constitute a quorum for meetings and/or votes.

Section 2 – Officers of the Board

The Officers of the Board of Directors of the BSC shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer.

Section 3 – President

The President shall preside and facilitate all meetings of the BSC, enforce the By-Laws and such rules and regulations which may be enacted by the BSC, call such meetings as are herein provided to be called, cast a deciding vote on all issues at any meeting of the Board, supervise the affairs of the BSC, sign all contracts and documents with the Secretary and the official representative of the BSC in all legal and other matters.

Specific duties of the President:  Coordinate a review of the books of the BSC by appointing an auditor (shall not be an officer/board member or a member of their immediate household), negotiate a contract with Southeastern School District for use of the fields in Fawn Grove, complete the duties of Vice President in the event of an absence or vacancy, complete the duties of the Treasurer in the event of an absence or vacancy, sign checks/vouchers with another authorized officer, maintain liaison with referee coordinator (or assume duties if no Referee Coordinator),  create a projected meeting agenda to be sent to the board (3) days before meeting and assist in other duties as needed.

Section 4 – Vice President

The Vice President shall perform all the duties and exercise all the powers of the President during absence or incapacity; and in the event that the Presidency shall become vacant, the Vice President shall succeed to the position of the President for the then expired term.

Specific duties of the Vice-President:  Assist Events Coordinator with all  Opening Day activities (including concessions, photographer coordinating, events and appearances), assume duties of games commissioner in the event of an absence or vacancy, sign checks/vouchers with another authorized officer, and assist in other duties as needed.

Section 5 – Secretary

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the general organization, the Board and Executive committee; and shall conduct the necessary correspondence incidental to BSC business.  The Secretary shall hold the official copies of all documents pertaining to the business and procedures of BSC. The secretary will advise the board on correct procedural issues.

Specific duties of the Secretary:  Send meeting minutes to the board members (within 1 week of the meeting), posting meeting minutes on google drive after sending to Board members, sign checks/vouchers with another authorized officer, and assist in other duties as needed.

Section 6 – Treasurer

The Treasurer shall also have charge of the financial affairs of the BSC.  

Specific duties of the Treasurer:  Receive all funds belonging to the league, pay all bills, keep itemized account of receipts and expenditures, and provide a report of the current state of the treasury to the Board at each meeting. 

The Treasurer will present a report of the status of the treasury at each board meeting.  The report will include the most recent bank statement for the account.  The Treasurer has the capability to cut checks up to a week prior to the meeting.  The Treasurer will have the necessary parties sign the checks at the monthly meeting and will then mail or hand-out.

Section 7 – Area Coordinators

The Area Coordinators shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by a ballot or voice vote, if no objection is raised.  A plurality of votes by qualified members present and voting is necessary for election.  Prior consent of nominees must be obtained.

By approval of the membership, a league Area Coordinator may fill an office position other than that designated for their area.

At the discretion of the Area Coordinator, assistants can be recruited to handle specific area tasks or special activities.  These assistants are ultimately accountable to the Board, but will take direction from the Area Coordinator.

Specific duties of Area Coordinators:  Player registration, team assignment, coach/team parent assignment, act as liaison with parents and volunteers (by answering questions via email, social media, etc.) schedule practice fields, field and equipment maintenance (in the absence or vacancy of an Equipment Coordinator), distribute equipment, coordinating return of equipment, assist with field set-up/tear down (in the absence or vacancy of a Fields Coordinator), fund raising, assist in other duties as needed.

An Area Coordinate will assume the duties of the Clinic Coordinator in the event of an absence or vacancy.

Section 8 – Other Members of the Board

The following task-specific members shall be appointed* to the Board; they shall be ex-official members of the Board with voice and vote.

Referee Coordinator

Games Commissioner

 Website Coordinator
       Equipment Coordinator
        Assistant Area Coordinators
 Clearances Coordinator
            Events Coordinator
            Clinic Coordinator
 Field Coordinator (area specific)
       General Member at Large

* Appointments shall be for one year.

 Section 9 – Term of Office

Members of the Board shall be elected at the General Meeting as outlined above and shall serve a term of one year.  Re-election for additional terms is permissible.  Term begins following the General Meeting in February and ends at the end of the next General Meeting the following February.

A member may be appointed during the term in the event of a vacancy by a majority vote by the Board members.

Section 10 – Removal from Office

An officer or board member of the BSC shall be removed from office by a 2/3 majority of qualified board members voting in person.  A board member shall be removed for cause only after an appropriate hearing before the Board.   

If a vacancy shall exist in any office during an unexpired term of office a replacement shall be appointed by the President.  This appointment shall then be ratified by a 2/3-majority vote of the board.

Article VIII – Appointed Members of the Board

For clarification, the following appointed Board positions are described.

Section 1 – Referee Coordinator

Specific duties of the Referee Coordinator:  Liaison with the President, communicate with the Board regarding the rules of the game (USSF/FIFA) and advice to amend by the BSC, schedule referees for league games, schedule training and guidance of referees, coordinate referee feedback and evaluations, and advise grievance committee as required. 

The duties of the Referee Coordinator are assumed by the President in the event of an absence or vacancy.

Section 2 – Games Commissioner

The Games Commissioner shall be responsible for scheduling of league games.  

Specific duties of the Games Commissioner:  Complete game schedules (required to be complete two weeks prior to opening day), communicate final schedule to the travel team, and Hopewell Area Recreation & Parks (HARP), determine content that will be covered in the Coach’s meeting (rules, Coaches Pledge, etc.).

The duties of the Games Commissioner are assumed by the Vice President in the event of an absence or vacancy.

Section 3 – Website Coordinator

Specific duties of the Website Coordinator:  Creating programs and divisions for registration, opening registration, closing registration, sending blast emails, posting updates to the website, assist area coordinators with website needs as necessary, contacting the web site host provider with website issues/questions.  The Website Coordinator will also maintain and promote social media for Barrens Soccer Club.

The duties of the Website Coordinator are assumed by the Area Coordinators in the event of an absence or vacancy.

Section 4 – Equipment Coordinator

Specific duties of the Equipment Coordinator:  Ensures the league has the necessary equipment for the season (including field paint, goals, nets, balls, pinnies, first aid kits, equipment bags, etc.), prepares an order for new or replacement equipment to the Board, advises the board of equipment issues/problems, assists Area Coordinators in equipment distribution and collection.

The duties of the Equipment Coordinator are assumed by the Area Coordinators in the event of an absence or vacancy.

Section 5 - Clearances Coordinator

Specific duties of the Clearances Coordinator:  Ensures that all criminal clearances, required by Pennsylvania legislation and those required by the Barrens Soccer Club are completed by all board members, coaches, referees, and team parents for the safety and security of the league and its players.

The duties of the Clearances Coordinator are assumed by the Vice President in the event of an absence and vacancy.

Section 6 - Events Coordinator

Specific duties of the Events Coordinator:  Coordinate all special events, including but not limited to: opening day, tournaments, night games, etc.  This includes obtaining vendors as needed, special appearances, media announcements, coordinating with photographers, etc.  Oversees all League Apparel, Clothing and Merchandise. 

The duties of the Events Coordinator are assumed by the Vice President in the event of an absence or vacancy.

Section 7 - Assistant Area Coordinators

Specific duties of the Assisant Area Coordinators:  Assist with duties related to each area coordinator.  Assist with Area Field/Facility Seasonal usage.

The duties of the Assistant Area Coordinators are assumed by the Area Coordinators in the event of an absence or vacancy.

Section 8 - Clinic Coordinator

Specific duties of the Clinic Coordinator:  Coordinates the BSC clinic program, advises the Board on equipment needs and facilities the running of the program each week.

The duties of the Clinic Coordinator are assumed by the Area coordinator in the events of an absence or vacancy.

Section 9 – Fields Coordinator (area specific)

There may be more than one Fields Coordinator (up to three for each area covered by BSC).

Specific duties of the Fields Coordinator:  Maintains lining and placing of equipment on fields, provides the Board with status updates on field lining and calls for volunteers, coordinates volunteers to assist with field maintenance, and advises the Board of issues/problems.

The duties of the Fields Coordinator are assumed by the Area Coordinators in the event of an absence or vacancy.

Section 10 – General Member At-Large

General Members At-Large will assist board members and coordinators with duties as needed, and will be encouraged to fill vacant positions on the Board.

Article IX – Discipline & Grievances

A Grievance Committee shall be headed by the President and will consist of the President, Vice President, and Area Coordinators.  The duty will be to resolve conflict within the league, including field incidents, issue disposition, and advise the Board.

Article X – Seasons

The season typically runs from the beginning of September through the end of October.  The fall season will be organized for an 8-week season, including opening day.  Every team should have a minimum of 6 games with a bye (if the schedule allows). Opening Day will typically be the first Saturday after Labor Day.  Subsequent games will be on Sundays and begin no earlier than 1:00 p.m.  Night Gams will be offered seasonally as field availability allows.

Article XI – Meetings

Section 1 – Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February.  The date will be announced to the General Membership. The agenda of the Annual Meeting will include board elections.

Section 2 – Board Meetings

The Board shall meet once a month, and as directed by the President.

Section 3 – Committees of the Board

Special committees of the Board shall meet at the discretion of the chairpersons.

Section 4 – Special Meetings

Special Meetings of the league may be called by the President or 25% of the members of the league upon demand in which case a meeting shall be called within one week of such demand.

Article XII – Amendments

These By-Laws of the league may be amended at any General Meeting by a vote of the majority of the members present.

Article XIII – Finances and Treasury

The treasury of the BSC will be held in a bank account with access restricted to the current President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  If one of these positions is vacant, the President may appoint an authorized substitute, with Board approval, until the position is filled.

Each check for payment, or voucher to allow for payment, must be signed by two Board members (President, Vice President, Treasurer, or voted substitute as mentioned above).  If the check or voucher being signed is for one of the Board members listed, a different Board member will sign the check/voucher.

Article XIV - Records

The records of the Barrens Soccer Club will be kept on a Google Drive account with access given to all current board members.  All major correspondence, copies of clearances, schedules, contracts, meeting minutes, incorporation documentation, etc. will be archived on the Drive for reference by any board member at any time.  In the event of a member leaving the board, the password to the Drive will be changed and provided to the remaining board members.

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